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Welcome to Our Club

The clear sky and low temperatures of Shimla were perfect for an outdoor Ice-Skating rink, almost like a made-to-order skating rink! What with the thickly forested hillside to keep it shaded. The ice is formed with the help of a special technique; the British trained the Garhwali highlanders in these techniques, and even today they work to ensure that the skating rink is swathed by sheets of ice good to skate.

Look out for the balloon adjacent to the Municipal Building; as soon as its up, you know it is time for the next session.

Depending on the weather Ice-Skating club conducts two sessions per day one in the morning and the other in the evening from December to February. Though in the warmer months members happily settle for billiards, cards, and table tennis and Gymnasium at the club.

My First Day at the Skating Rink

The very first day, I entered the rink between myself and Ice, I found no link From red my colour changed to pink What I should do, I could not think My heart began to sink and shrink Being an unadventurous man I never take the risks I can Calling is no ban You may call me ‘Peter Pan’ But looking at the girls glide by my side Something rose in me, known as man’s pride I must skate and I must glide In this excitement I fell on my side.

Instead of showing sympathy at that pitiable sight A kid did come and looking at my plight Said, “Hey, your boots are loose, make them tight” Now a lady did come, as they usually do The sweet voice said, “May I help you?” What could I say, except thank you.

Again I started with a calculated pace As a mathematician, I knew that in any case Centre of gravity should be within the base Someone said, “Mind your lace.” And there I was on my face.

Through in fails, I found no much charm I was convinced they do no harm My head was warm, my heart was warm I was rushing as a storm One foot here, one foot there In whom I banged, I did not care Who banged in me, had his share By the time I completed the round I found every one lying on the ground.