One Glorious Moment Of Precious Life Is worth an age Without a name

Simla Ice Skating Club Anniversary

The very first day, I entered the rink between myself and Ice, I found no link From red my colour changed to pink What I should do, I could not think My heart began to sink and shrink Being an unadventurous man I never take the risks I can Calling is no ban You may call me ‘Peter Pan’ But looking at the girls glide by my side Something rose in me, known as man’s pride I must skate and I must glide In this excitement I fell on my side.

Instead of showing sympathy at that pitiable sight A kid did come and looking at my plight Said, “Hey, your boots are loose, make them tight” Now a lady did come, as they usually do The sweet voice said, “May I help you?” What could I say, except thank you.